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  • What is Employee Engagement and Employee Experience

    What is Employee Experience? Why it is very important in the present time and How it will improve the profitability of the company is expalined in this video very simply and clearly. All the Business Owners, Managers, CEO's and M.D's should take note of this important aspect of business and strictly implement the employee experience and employee engagement.

    Employee engagement is getting the happiness in the job people are doing and give them satisfaction of what they have achieved on a day to day basis. More and more people are going to me more of highly skilled and technologically savvy. This gets the engagement and esperience they get in work maters for them.

    We at Kaizen Business Consultancy work on getting the employee engaged to their jobs by an additional 20% on an annaul basis. Please see the below video why you should invest yoru time and money in employee experiience and engagement.

  • Employee Experience and Engagement

    As the world is moving towards automation people who run the companies become more important. From now onwards "employee experience and employee engagement " will play a vital role in the company's profitability and growth. So the focus will be to elevate the employees from the stage of employees to the stage of partners in business. This can be acheived by way of incentives and satisfied job with career growth.

    As we come to know from Gallup that only on an average 13% of employees worldwide are actively engaged to their work. This needs to be addressed as it will increase the productivity of the companies worldwide.

    We at "kaizen" strive to this only and this will be the focus many in the near future. The following are the benefits of the company which succeds in employee experience and engagement challenge.


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